Worm Composting Was Hot Environmental Topic In 2011

Worm Farming

If your town doesn’t have a compost pick-up program, check with your local municipality to see if they provide bins or classes to help residents compost on their own. If you have some outdoor space you can separate out all your scraps (minus meats and citrus) and throw them in a compost bin. Worm composting – also known as vermicomposting – is great for smaller spaces and is an easy way to speed up the compost process, producing a rich fertilizer for your plants or garden. It may seem gross at first but I can assure you, those little guys work hard and your plants will love you for it. And if the whole process just seems like too much for you, there are businesses like Compost Cab that will collect the compost for you for a small fee.

Top 10 Environmental Topics of 2011

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