Vermiculture Grant For Those Who Qualify

Worm Farming

See if you are eligible for this grant which can be used to set up a composting system. Click the link at the bottom.

The residents of Plymouth City are encouraged to dispose of their food and yard wastes so that these can be composted further (citizens are urged to create more compost). Putting this into perspective, the townsfolk of Plymouth will also get paid if they continued on with this eco-friendly cause. Not only will its people help reduce the amount of trash on their local dumpsites, they will also be partaking in a recycling effort. Now, the city itself is willing to give a $100 grant for those who apply for it. The money can be used for either choice, and that is to buy a ready-made composter, or to build a compost bin of his or her own. Either way, both options are a win-win idea.

Residential compost – Get paid for composting!

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