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Worm Composting Bins Are Highly Productive

Worm Farming

Before I get into the story behind these incredible worm composting bins, I have to ask, “Have you ever heard the saying, if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is?” Well, you might be tempted to say that about the title of this article, but you would be wrong! Not only are these compost bins available for free, if you look in the right places, the worms are too!

What follows is a story about Justine, a Compost Junkie Tribe member, and her incredible worm composting bins. Actually, Justine isn’t even the star of this story (sorry Justine), her 20 year-old “Kootenay Worms” are!

Worm Composting Bins Easy, Free, and Highly Productive

Free Vermicomposting Workshop

Worm Farming

Looks like a good workshop for those in the area-click at the bottom for more details.

Grow Native Nursery Westwood is offering a free workshop on worm composting. The workshop will be held on Sunday, February 12th at 11am. Join Stephen Baldonado, horticulturist, garden designer and longtime worm wrangler to learn about one of the easiest methods for composting fruit and vegetable kitchen and garden scraps in this one-hour workshop. 

No yard? No problem! Vermicomposting is perfect for apartment dwellers who want to cut down on their waste stream. 

Free worm composting workshop

Boys & Girls Club Features Worm Farming, Red Wiggler Worms And The Worm Whisperer

Worm Farming

“A worm whisperer is helping youth at the Boys & Girls Club with their latest venture – worm farming.

Why worm farming, you might ask? The Boys & Girls Club is the proud caretaker of 10,000 and more super and standard red wiggler worms.  Steven Blair is the whisperer, and B&GC staff member Whit Caulkins works with Blair and the youth, to keep the worms well-hydrated and happy.”

Click below to read more:

Worm whisperer and worms aid Club in fight against childhood obesity

Building The Worm Farm

Worm Farming

Willi Murray shares the finer details of establishing a worm farm to keep your garden healthy!

Gardening Guide #35: Worm Farms

Worm Composting Helps Gardens Grow

Worm Farming

Our first “Student Gardener of the Month,” awarded in November, was JJ Trancoso. Keile Finley was the December honoree for inspiring the incorporation of a worm composting bin to the garden.

Garden provides roots for a better future

Vermiculture Plants Set Up in India

Worm Farming

In 2011, the company started five vermiculture plants in nearby villages which provide sustainable employment to the villagers, either by giving them manure for their farm or providing them the means to sell the manure in the open market, with all expertise provided by L’Oréal India.

L’Oréal India

Community Becoming Garbage-Free

Worm Farming

Chairman of the society and rainwater harvesting expert, Col (retd) SG Dalvi told DNA, “Lunkad Greenland II is a ‘green’ society. We have been recycling wet waste in vermiculture pits. Apart from having an efficient rainwater harvesting system, we are also saving up to 30% on our energy bills by switching to CFLs in all common areas. After implementing this initiative, our society will not give any garbage to PMC at all.”

Residents of a Pune society resolve to become garbage-free